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  • I wanted to thank you for your extreme patience while we prepared my Trust and Will. Blended families are the "new way" but they bring additional complications, concerns and questions. Your expertise, thought provoking questions and guidance ensured that my wishes were documented clearly.  Again, thank you for helping me put my mind at ease knowing that my final wishes are legally documented!–P.N.

  • It was a good thing I had signed up for the “ Group Legal Services” at work and had attended Susan Sandys' presentation late last year on estate planning. I was just like everyone else determined to get my house in order…some day. No rush,  just get to it eventually. Eventually life came knocking on my door in the form of Cancer. Getting my house /life/ estate planning in order just became my #1 priority. Sue made the experience easier than I ever could of imagined. It did not tax me or consume a large chunk of my time. It was as easy as contacting her; setting up a couple of appointments and agreeing on the particulars. I cannot express my gratitude to her enough for making the experience so simple and actually enjoyable.–A.O.

  • We have put this off for many years, but you made the process painless and easier than we were expecting.  We will be happy to refer you to friends and family.–S.M.

  • Sue,  Thank you for being available on rather short notice.  I'm glad I was able to have you prepare dad's documents.  Both T and I enjoyed meeting with you for the preparation of our documents as well. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to have the opportunity to refer other clients.–C.M.

  • We still have fond memories of working with you and so appreciate your leading us through difficult decisions with ease.–M.H.

  • For me, the hardest part was making the call to get started.  Sue’s easy going style and sense of humor put me at ease.  Because this was all new to me, I needed some extra attention.  Sue was patient, supportive and helpful.  I enthusiastically recommend Sue to anyone making these important choices and life plans.–J.M.

  • I first met Sue at an estate planning seminar that was held in our office.  She fielded questions from the audience for an hour.  Sue was very thorough in explaining how the laws in Arizona worked regarding probate and estate planning.  I made an appointment with her a couple of days later.  When I met with Sue in her office, we went over a list of questions so that she could get to know me and my needs.  I left feeling confident that Sue would be able to draw all the necessary documents.  We continued to correspond by email.  Sue assured me that I could ask any questions and always replied back to me that day.  Within the week I had drafts of all of the trust and will documents to read.  When I approved them, we set an appointment for signing.  The entire process was a breeze for me.  Not only was Sue knowledgeable, but also easy to talk to.  I would and have recommended her to friends at work and at home.  –S.G.

  • We recently had the pleasure of working with Sue Sandys for our estate planning and Sue was great to work with.  She explained everything clearly and made the whole process quick and easy for us.  We will continue utilizing Sue's services for our estate planning in the future.  She is one of the nicest and most considerate people I have worked with. –J.H.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Susan Sandys for preparing  a trust and all the appropriate accompanying documents to include a living will, various powers of attorney and distribution of assets. She performed these tasks in an efficient, professional, yet friendly and timely manner. Susan especially took the time to explain each separate document in layman's terms to make understanding much easier. –R.S.

  • We recently had the pleasure of working with Sue Sandys for our estate planning and Sue was great to work with. She explained everything clearly and made the whole process quick and easy for us. We will continue utilizing Sue’s services for our estate planning in the future. – J.S.

  • As someone who postponed my estate planning for a long time, I was not looking forward to beginning the process, but was convinced I could not wait any longer.  Sue came highly recommended by two good friends, so I decided to take the plunge and schedule an appointment.  After working with Sue for just a few months, I now have peace of mind that is invaluable.  She made the process easy and was able to held me understand what had before seemed like such an insurmountable and complicated process.  Sue's expertise, customer service and professionalism is exceptional, and I would recommend her to all of my friends and family!  – L.S.

  • I would like to recommend to anyone who is looking for legal help to contact Sue Sandys. My wife and I had the good fortune of meeting Sue through an Employee Benefits fair at my place of work. At the time, we were considering drawing up a last will and trust, something we have put off too long and certainly something everyone needs to do.Working with Sue was a pleasurable and relaxed experience, seeing as this was a first time venture. Sue did a thorough job of covering every aspect of our intentions. The first documents were drawn up 5 years ago. Recently, we had to make amendments to the will and trust and Sue was there for us every step of the way. Another part of Sue’s service is she provides a monthly newsletter, providing updates on legal matters, some of it very helpful. So if you are considering the help of an experienced and friendly attorney, contact Sue Sandys for all your needs. – M.M.

  • My husband and I really enjoyed working with Susan Sandys getting our affairs in order, we are a new family and it is such a relief to have had the discussion and paperwork done for our Trust and Wills. Susan made it easy to complete and answered all of our questions and helped us through our decisions so that we felt confident in our end result. She is also friendly and easy to talk to which helps when having these personal discussions. Thank you Susan!!! – C.S.

  • We were referred to Sue by a friend that also used her estate planning services. My experience with her was excellent. She was prompt with responding to questions and very thorough going through each document. We did most of the work via email, which was very convenient, then met in person for signing. Sue is upbeat and pleasant, and again, very thorough making sure we understood everything contained in our documents. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and will utilize her for any future legal needs. – J.C.

  • I had a close friend who was also a coworker, and she spoke highly of the assistance her attorney gave her to assist in organizing her mother's estate before she passed on. Since I was in a similar situation, she gave me Sue's information, and Sue was more than happy to update my father's family trust paperwork as well as create a whole trust package for my husband and I. She is extremely knowledgeable, has great communication skills and is very personable. My father, who is in his 80's, was able to understand all the changes Sue made to his trust since she explained everything in simple English and the time involved in completing a whole trust for my husband and I was very minimal (important with our busy schedules). I have and will continue to recommend Sue to my friends and family as our go to legal person. – R.E.

  • With Sue's expertise we found the process to be very simple for us to understand and complete. We did try doing this a few years back and it was so overwhelming we just gave up. In the event one passes, we are very happy to know the other one is protected and taken care of. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to my friends and family. – D.A.